Geotechnical and Environmental Soil Test Borings


Shallow ground water – no problem

Tier 4 Drill at Honda Center

Hollow Stem Auger drilling, Mud Rotary Wash drilling, Wireline Coring, Direct Push, Angle drilling,  CME Continuous Sampler, GUS Piston Sampler, Installations include Slope Indicator, Extensometers, Monitoring well, Vapor Well, Cathodic Protection Wells, ODEX – down the hole air hammer, CME Automatic SPT Hammer, SPT samples, 6″ Solid Auger, 8″ and 10″ o.d. Hollow Stem Auger, 4 X 4 rigs, CME rubber track drill with low clearance option. Tier 4 Final drills available including Tier 4 rubber track mounted drills.

GT16 Tier 4 Rubber Track Mounted Drill

Angel Stadium Drilling

New social distancing drill rigs now available. Both in truck mount and rubber track mount. All drilling functions are available to the driller on a wireless remote console. They also feature a LIDAR optical proximity cage that shuts off the drill when anyone or anything gets too close to it. This Tier 4 Gtechdrill GT-16 has over 16,000 ft lbs of torque.

Gtechdrill GT-16
Tier 4 Social Distancing Drill Rig – over 16,000 ft lbs of availabe torque

Brand new truck mounted 2020 CME TIER 4 Drill Available now for scheduling

2020 CME Tier 4

GT8 Max
Gtechdrill GT8 Max

Automatic SPT Hammer Calibration- annual energy measurements in accordance to ASTM test method D4633, have been conducted on all of our hammers. Please go to SPTCAL.COM for more information.

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