CME Drill Rigs – 4×4, track drill and low clearance drill available

CME 75 – 2 Wheel Drive

CME 75HT – 2 Wheel Drive

CME 75 – 4 Wheel Drive

CME 75 – Rubber Track Mounted Drill

CME 75HT – Rubber Track Mounted Drill

SIMCO 2800 HT 4×4 Tier IV Onroad engine


Support Equipment

CME Automatic SPT Hammer (140 lbs. 30″ drop)

3.25″ I.D. – 6″ HD Hollow Stem Auger

4.25″ I.D. – 8″ HD Hollow Stem Auger

6.25″ I.D. 10″ HD Hollow Stem Auger

Mud Rotary wash

Air Hammer rotary drilling – coming soon

HQ3 Triple Tube Wireline Rock Coring System )AQ-BQ-NQ coming soon)

SPT Sampler

Cal Modified Sampler

Shelby tube sampler

Pitcher barrel sampler

CME Continuous Sample Tube Stabilized System

Well grouter and 725 gallon water trailer

Dump Trailer

Hot Mix Asphalt patch equipment

Additionally we can bring out 725, 300 & 150 gallon water tanks to supplement the drill rigs onboard water tank

Concrete Coring Rig

Support trucks with hydraulic lift gate or dump bed